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Pacha MAMA – coffee

Sustainable to the max! Our Pacha Mama is a highland coffee from the Peruvian Andes. The specialty coffee is planted in shade cultivation, picked and processed by hand – this guarantees a balanced maturing cycle and thus a flavour rich in aroma. Cultivation in the mixed forest does not leach out the soil and endanger the local flora and fauna. Incidentally, even the fruity shells of Pacha Mama are processed – from which we obtain delicious coffee-cherry tea. Absolutely ecological and economical!


This coffee grows on trees in the jungle of coffee’s country of origin – Ethiopia. The idea of ​​marketing the coffee from Kaffa came into being with the aim of preserving the rainforests with the wild coffee that flourished there and generating a secure income for the people of the region. Thanks to the ideal and undisturbed growth and positive ripening conditions, the wild Arabica beans possess a unique and concentrated aroma. The traditional roasting further refines the taste – a real treat for all coffee lovers!


From the coffee production country number 1! Our farm coffee Brasil Fazenda comes from Brazil. The Andrade family and their associates grow the Yellow Icatu and Red Catuai coffee beans, which are known for their premium quality, on volcanic soil. After harvesting, the beans are processed with the Pulped Natural (Honey-Processed) method and then placed in the sun for drying. Lastly, we roast the Brasil Fazenda in a gentle drum roasting process. This guarantees the best possible development of the flavours.


Roasted by the sun – available in our shop real soon! The delicious Compadre coffee from Peru is available in Germany for the first time. The high-quality Arabica coffee is roasted directly on site with the energy of solar panels. Not only coffee drinkers, but also the coffee farmers benefit from this innovative roasting method. As they take another step in the value chain, their revenues increase. The ecological advantage is also significant: solar roasting consumes five times less energy than a roasting machine.


The healthy activator with valuable antioxidants! Coffee cherry tea is obtained from the dried skins of the fruit surrounding the coffee bean. Its caffeine content is six times higher than coffee and even higher than some energy drinks. The cherries of Pacha Mama taste sweet and are rich in aroma – without added sugar. As our farmers continue to use the pulp and the shell, the profitability of the coffee plant increases. Through the long-term purchase of coffee and tea we provide them with a solid livelihood.


We are countering the gigantic garbage problem! Our coffee capsules are 100% compostable. Filled with the best Espresso Classico consisting of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans, the capsules impress with full-bodied taste and the aromas of marzipan and nut. The portioned coffee is packed in a completely biodegradable organic capsule with protective atmosphere and an aroma protective bag. An environmentally friendly alternative that fits into any conventional Nespresso machine and is in no way inferior to the taste of aluminum capsules.