Neven Subotic Foundation

Working together to give children hope


The Neven Subotic Foundation helps to create a better future for children in the poorest areas in the world. Its projects provide safe access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. In fact, if their health is no longer affected by lack of hygiene, more kids can attend school. They also save a lot of time so far spent fetching water.


Each child has the right to live their dreams, i.e. each child in the world, no matter what gender or social origin, deserves a fair chance, the improvement of their living conditions and implementation of their goals. That’s why the Neven Subotic Foundation helps underprivileged children to create their lives through their own power and conviction. However, in order to make this possible, their living conditions have to be substantially improved.

100% donation at 0% administration costs

Each sum donated, whether it’s large or small, is important to support the giant 100% Wash Project. In fact, the Neven Subotic Foundation promises each cent to be used for local aid. In order to keep this promise, Neven Subotic himself covers travel expenses, administration costs and others arising from the foundation’s work.

History and successes

Neven Subotic started his foundation on 16 November 2012. At the beginning, there were only a few volunteers. But together with Neven, they set off to make life for children in the poorest areas of the world a little better. Since then, they have constantly been striving to evolve and through their work their lives have become more meaningful. Not only has the team become bigger and bigger. The foundation having financed 113 projects so far, they have achieved great successes in the individual areas. In fact, 56 wells have been built in communities and 57 wells in schools, including the provision of sanitary installations. This already being a big success, it marks only the beginning for Neven Subotic and his team.

By purchasing our products, you can support the implementation of further projects.

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