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Wildlife conservation – worldwide


Due to poaching, hunting, animal trade and habitat destruction, more than 23,000 animal and plant species are in danger. That’s why biologists, veterinarians and people interested in nature conservation founded Pro Wildlife in 1999. The non-profit animal and nature conservation organisation aims at the preservation of biodiversity and focuses on the survival of species in their habitat as well as the protection of the individual animal. For this reason, Pro Wildlife advocates for better laws and effective measures to protect wildlife. All this aims at raising awareness among the population, politicians and businesses in order to achieve a responsible approach to nature.

Working method

On a political level, Pro Wildlife aims at improving laws for the protection of wild animals in their habitat, both nationally and internationally. That’s why staff join conferences like the IWC (International Whaling Commission) and the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). They are involved in the organisation of these conferences and in constant touch with contractual states.

Fighting of causes and consequences

Pro Wildlife informs politicians, consumers and media about drawbacks and the present state of affairs regarding the protection of wild animals and nature. Moreover, the organisation supports species and animal conservation projects in different countries, where they save victims of poaching and wild animal trade. In shelters, they nurse them back to health as well as protecting the habitat of wild animals and raise awareness. This is how wild animal trade and poaching can be stopped in the long run.

Member of the International Wildlife Conservation Network

The best protection laws don’t help if they are not applied. That’s why Pro Wildlife finances undercover investigations and raids. Moreover, it supports the work of enforcement authorities, which makes it possible to efficiently fight animal smuggling. Moreover, the organisation is a member of the International SSN Species Survival Network, whose work it coordinates in Europe. While doing so, Pro Wildlife cooperates closely and worldwide with about 80 nature and animal conservation organisations. Moreover, the association participates in international networks and workgroups, including social media. That’s why the general public keep posted and mobilised in order to take a stronger position towards decision makers.

Video: Help for Africa’s monkey orphans

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The projects of the Pro Wildlife Association

Help for orangutans


Elephant orphanage


Ape Orphanage


EAGLE – fight against poaching

More protected areas for the Antarctic

Conference of endangered animals

12. Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals

CITES – The Washington Conservation Convention

Protect habitat for cross-river gorillas

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